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  A Day At The Beach Slots
  A Sea Of Pebbles
  Aaragon Deluxe: Gold Edition
  Abandoned Well
  Absolute Fit-Trix
  Absolute Terror
  Abyss 2
  Ace Lightning
  Aces Of World War I
  ACM 1918
  Activision Casino
  Addiction Pinball
  Adiboo and The Energy Thieves
  Advanced DigiTone
  Advanced Video Poker
  Advanced Worm
  Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island
  AFL Live Premiership
  AFL Live 2004
  After Life
  Agassi Tennis Generation 2002
  Age of Empires
  Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings
  Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion
  Age of Mythology
  Age of Mythology: The Titans
  Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
  Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne
  Agent 2002
  Air Raid: This Is No Drill!
  Air Strike II
  Airline Tycoon: Evolution
  Airline Tycoon: First Class
  Airline 69: Return To Casablanca
  Airlines 2: Management Simulátor
  Airport Inc.
  Airport Tycoon
  Airport Tycoon 2
  Airport Tycoon 3
  AirStrike 3D
  Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge
  Alcatraz: Prison Escape
  Alex Ferguson's Player Manager 2003
  Alex the Allegator 4
  Alhademic Tetrix Pro
  Alchemist Wizard
  Alien Battlecraft: Arena
  Alien Blast
  Alien Force Two
  Alien Invaders 2000
  Alien Nations
  Alien Outbreak
  Alien Shooter
  Alien Sky
  Aliens of Hyraxan 7
  Aliens vs. Bomberman
  Aliens vs. Predator
  Aliens vs. Predator 2
  Ally 2: Ben Franklin Adventure
  Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmaze
  Alpha Ball
  Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol
  Alpha Centauri
  Amazing Tetris
  America: No Peace Beyond the Line
  American Civil War: Campaign Corinth
  American Civil War: Campaign Franklin
  American Civil War: Campaign Ozark
  American Conquest: Fight Back
  American Conquest: Three Centuriesor of War
  American McGee's Alice
  Amju Super Golf
  Ancient Evil: Curse of the Snake Cult
  Angels vs. Devils
  Animal Attack
  Animal Paradise
  Anno 1503
  Ant Run
  Antz Extreme Racing
  Apache AH-64 Air Assault
  Apache Longbow Assault
  Aqua Bubble
  Aqua Bubble 2
  Aqua Nox 2: Revelation
  Aquarius Fighter
  Arabian Nights
  Arctic Moves
  Arctic Rush
  Archibald Arcade Diver
  Archibald's Digger
  Arkanoid - The Virtual Isles
  Arkanoid 2000
  Arkanoid 4000
  Armed and Dangerous
  Armored Fist 3
  Army Men: RTS
  Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
  Army Men: World War
  Army Men 2
  Army Men 3: Toys in Space
  Arsenal - Extended Power
  Arsenal Official Management Game
  Arx Fatalis
  Assault Wing
  Asterix and Obelix XXL
  Asterix: Mega Madness
  Astro Assembler
  Astro 3D 2
  AstroPop Deluxe
  Astrorock 2000
  Atlantis Underwater Tycoon
  Atomic Sevens
  Atomic Superball
  Attack Squadron
  ATV Mudracer
  Azteroidz 3D
  A2 Racer: Goes Usa